Benvenuti in Regina Tango Shoes

Frequently question

What is the difference between the various shape?

  • Narrow plant: it is our narrow shape with long and tapered plant, ideal for very thin, elongated feet and for those with an Egyptian or Greek foot shape (longer toe or second longest toe).
  • Regular plant: it is the most widespread and most suitable for a Mediterranean size. It has a wide and comfortable plant and is ideal for those who have an Egyptian foot shape (big toe longer than the other fingers) or Sardinian.
  • Wide plant: it is the extra-large plant for those who need a very wide and comfortable shape, or those with hallux valgus problems.


On which heel heights are your models available?


Heel heights are the correct size in the central sizes, increasing or decreasing the size of the shoe the heel will change its height accordingly to ensure proper size development. Each shoe has an under heel of 5mm plus a second included free of charge.

Regina currently uses two types of heels: a classic heel, used from 2010 until today with exceptional stability and from 2014 we have also inserted a heel with a Y-shaped stiletto, thinner and positioned slightly further forward.

Our models are all available on 9 different heel heights marked with an alphabetical code:

All our heels

  • A = 10,00cm;
  • AY = 10,50cm;
  • B = 09,00cm;
  • BY = 09,50cm;
  • C = 08,00cm;
  • CY = 08,50cm
  • D = 07,00cm;
  • E = 06,00cm;
  • F = 05,00cm;

heels 8 Y heels 9 Y heels 10 Y 


The NTRJ line is built on a very comfortable spool bobbin of 4.5 cm. Ideal for practicing.

The KATY line is built on a very comfortable, almost ground-to-center heel of 1.00 cm. Ideal for those who want to dance as a leader, or to teach.


Can you have the half number?

The half number is not produced regularly but to order. For choice we give the opportunity to choose whether 36 ½ of Regina Tango Shoes you want it longer than 36, or just slightly wider at the front of the upper keeping the same length, then to specify.

REGINA® comfort

Proud to have invented the extra padding "Regina Tango Shoes The Original No More Pain COMFORT Tango Style®" in 4/5mm memory foam. Very comfortable, so you can be at ease from the first use.

The REGINA® sole

Brushed and softened leather sole, very flexible, durable and with a good support. From new the sole is protected by a transparent adhesive film, to be removed before use.