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Frequently question

What is the difference between the various plants?

  • Narrow plant: it is our narrow shape with long and tapered plant, ideal for very thin, elongated feet and for those with an Egyptian or Greek foot shape (longer toe or second longest toe).
  • Regular plant: it is the most widespread and most suitable for a Mediterranean size. It has a wide and comfortable plant and is ideal for those who have an Egyptian foot shape (big toe longer than the other fingers) or Sardinian.
  • Wide plant: it is the extra-large plant for those who need a very wide and comfortable shape, or those with hallux valgus problems.


On which heel heights are your models available?


Our models are all available on 5 different heel heights marked with an alphabetical code:

  • A = 10.00cm;
  • B = 09.00cm;
  • C = 08.00cm;
  • D = 07.00cm;
  • E = 06.00cm


The NTRJ line is built on a very comfortable spool bobbin of 4.5 cm. Ideal for practicing.

The KATY line is built on a very comfortable, almost ground-to-center heel of 1.00 cm. Ideal for those who want to dance as a leader, or to teach.


Can you have the half number?

The half number is not produced regularly but to order. For choice we give the opportunity to choose whether 36 ½ of Regina Tango Shoes you want it longer than 36, or just slightly wider at the front of the upper keeping the same length, then to specify.