REGINA tango shoes and tango sandals are the most comfortable in the world, made in Italy and made by dancers with experience in the Italian footwear, style and fashion sector.

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who i am not "Eva Nataraja"

Chi non sono Eva Nataraja

Who I am NOT...
"Eva Nataraja"

First of all, thank you for giving me your time that,

if as for me,

is always scarce and therefore precious, I will try not to waste it by boring you with the usual "Who we are"

in which to list curiosities about me....
and in fact before I explain to you

"who I am" .

I am going to explain

"who I am NOT"

so that if you have landed here by mistake, I will take up as little of your time as possible....

I am NOT Eva Nataraja ,

but I am Eva Maltoni ( Nataraja is a stage name they stuck me with in India quite a while ago and now it is part of me )

I am NOT a "fashion hurriedness "(improvised),

but I have studied and worked so hard....

let's say almost my whole life,to get this far ...

I am NOT from Argentina , but I love to dance Tango, even though I was born in Italy and have always danced ballet... blah blah blah,( but now I'm happy about that because I get to do two things I love: stylist and dancer)

I am NOT "the friend who bought the sewing machine or the cutter ",

in fact
I am NOT a tailor and I don't make custom dresses.... if instead you mistook me for a cobbler( in the most loving and respectful sense , pass me that term ) who makes your super-custom slipper in TWO days..

you have the wrong person...

I do NOT sell smoke, in the sense that I know what I'm talking about and I know how I do it and so I very willingly put my face and reputation on it

I am NOT a famous designer, but I have always loved what I do and I have always done it with love ...

I am NOT a bunch of other things, but the ones above, are the most important ones you need to know about me ...

going around Festivals, Milongas and surfing the internet you will find sellers of "dance stuff" passed off as Made in Italy, even though they are not ,as well as you will find Tango Gurus who will insist on making and telling you what to buy,behind whom too often are hiding scoundrels.
I am none of these things... I am a Stylist and now and then a Dancer so I am naturally oriented to photographing with a glance everything around me. and to prefer good taste and good Dancing..

and I am always watching you KNOW IT....

unfortunately I appreciate quality things and the older I get the worse it is....

If you are looking for a company you can trust to buy a shoe of low quality and even lower price ,you have the wrong company.
If on the other hand you are looking for craftsmanship, comfort, service and good taste then we can talk.

I am NOT an insecure person ,

but I am sure I have become very brave,

I am the creative manager of one of the few Maison of ITALIAN craftsmanship

and I can say that I made myself , without financial help from anyone,

with great sacrifices to the banks and with the fear of not being able to get to pay for everything....

...however, I can say that my supportive family has faith in me ,

I have a fantastic, very well-knit Team that believes in my choices and always follows me....

As I told you before, I am a designer : I create shoes and clothing for top dancers and more ... If you don't recognize my commitment to create what for me are part of me works of art.. with fabrics , leathers and colors and you don't appreciate this taste of mine , don't even look at my website "" because you won't find anything...

( once you got to read me this far you can also catch my thanks for giving me your attention)

❤ thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤
be happy ,

( as my Guru told me )