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The tango

The tango ... is an emotion, a feeling; it has become a complete cultural phenomenon.

Dance, music, song, poetry, language, movies, lifestyle ... and it is for these reasons that so many people are drawn to it.
The tango has a brilliant story, full of vicissitudes; it has continued to grow both as a dance and as music, but its harmonic structure, however, is typically Italian.
Half the cultural weight of the tango is originally from Italy.
The names of the greatest composers of music from the early years of the twentieth century up to the golden age, that of the '30s and '40s, Aníbal Troilo, Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, Francisco De Caro, are all sons of Italians.
The composer and orchestra director Astor Piazzolla's father was from Puglia.
The tango is a dance that represents a true revolution in partner dance: there is a feeling of total freedom, where energetic and passionate steps are to be executed with great precision, elegance and passion. Dancing the tango means entering into a new emotional state, which inspires a stride and a style that are never the same.

Consequently, it is essential to use a good pair of shoes, a pair of shoes that was specifically designed and developed for this dance.  Otherwise, the task of standing safely on the dance floor becomes even more challenging. For this reason, there are shops that are exclusively dedicated to the sale of hand-made tango shoes made with the best materials, which make them special for the dancers.
For many years, most of these shops are not only in Buenos Aires, but also in Italy, thanks to a better quality of materials, packaging and style. On the web, there are many options for those who are unable to personally go in the world capital of the Tango, and despite this, even in Europe the quality and quantity of tango is becoming a fantastic reality.
On 30 September 2009, UNESCO has proclaimed the tango Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The tango shop

Regina Tango Shoes is certainly an innovative and dynamic company in the field of production of tango shoes.

The passion of the foundress, Eva Nataraja, for fashion and dance is evident in the attention to details that goes into the production of the footwear that she designs and manufactures.
In fact, there is not a shoe model that has not been tried on and made flawless while on the feet of the best dancers.
The tango shoes are characterized not only by their peculiar and glamorous aesthetic look, but especially for their material and the softness of the final product. The best couples of Tango dancers use Regina Tango Shoes; they specifically request them, as they are made by hand with quality materials, such as the leather and the sole.  In this manner, the shoe is flexible and breathable, which is a big advantage when it comes to dancing, so that your feet can be more comfortable and stay dry longer.

The company Regina Tango Shoes takes care of the production and the online sale of tango footwear with the utmost care and attention to every detail: each shoe, from the idea, to the search for the materials, to the cut of the leather and the subsequent assembly and finishing operations, is subject to a thorough quality check and experienced hands.
The company is constantly engaged in the study and research to improve its production of dance shoes, focusing its attention on the specific needs of all women and men with a passion for dancing. The result is a complete, rich and original collection of footwear, capable of satisfying every dancer who loves nice, unique, and comfortable shoes, for an extremely competitive price.
In addition, the Regina Tango Shoes footwear is extremely functional, made with natural, comfortable and top-quality materials, with soles suitable to every type of surface, perfect for those who do not want to give up a shoe that is seductive, but also stable and that allows correct posture and foot transpiration.

A shoe that is not professionally made and is not specific for this dance makes it difficult to stand on the dance floor: the toes usually start hurting or major pain shoots up the big toe or to the bottom of the feet. In addition, within a few minutes, moisture starts gathering inside the shoes, causing a constant slippage while performing the steps.  
In women’s tango shoes, the heel should be thin or spool-shaped, from a height of about 4 centimeters (1.5 inches) up to a maximum of 11 centimeters (4.33 inches); the belt should hold the heel of the foot firmly in place, and, most importantly, the little finger should not come out when stretching out the tip of the foot.
This is the classic style and consequently the most recommended shoe for those who are learning to dance. 
As the skills on the dance floor progress and mature, all those glamorous and fashionable shoe designs will be able to be utilized, still keeping an eye on safety. In regards to men’s tango shoes, those with anatomical and ergonomic shape should be used, in order to provide the dancer with the needed sensitivity and flexibility. 

There are various types of shoes; the choice is based on the dancer’s requirements and these are the shape of the bottom of the foot and the heel of the shoe.
The first choice is between wide or narrow sole, rigid or semi-rigid, half or full, while the second choice is between heel made of high-density rubber or rigid.
With regards to the materials or the combination of the colors, it goes from the more traditional to the most fashionable, from the most sought after and hyper-performing to the more breathable or vegan.
Currently, however, the possible combinations are available in many designs and models, spawned off Eva’s creative fantasy, time after time.

What is important is that the chosen model reflects the personality and the desire to stand out of each dancer.