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Bali Beach 07

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Sandals are our passion, making super comfortable and comfortable sandals is our mission.
We have been experts in heeled shoes for more than ten years and make the best dancers in the world dance without pain.
We also want to do it for all of us who walk during the day and go to work in flat sandals!

These are "Training Shoes" or Practice as we say,
In summer 2020 we made fresh and open sandals by launching a new model of practice shoes different from the usual ones that we have always done closed, more similar to men's shoes.
These are sandals born with the same construction as our tango heeled shoes, but made on shapes without heels and with the same comfort as our patented "NO MORE PAIN" insole, invented by us.
The beauty of these new models is not only aesthetic, but they stand out for their comfort and their freshness, in fact, you can train and dance for hours and hours without tiring your feet and without pain.

They perfectly match both a sporty and casual look and a more feminine and sensual outfit.
It is possible to enrich the sandal with a beautiful lace flower and sequins so as to make it unique and elegant.

The sole is built with the famous "Regina Tango Shoes The Original no More Pain COMFORT Tango Style®" padding and the sole is rubber, flexible, resistant and with good support.

Elegant design.
Origin: Italy.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Italy
fit N/A

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Delivery is within one business day for all orders placed by 1:00 pm on the current day (or 4-5 business days in UAE, Canada, Australia, Japan), for all orders placed after 1:00 pm delivery is guaranteed within 2 business days. All orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. During checkout, more information is available on shipping costs and times. There is no request for delivery on specific days and times.

If, on the other hand, your new REGINA product has not made you fall in love with it, there is no problem, because within 10 days of sending you have the option to return it following the instructions on our terms and conditions page.

Attention: the return is not possible for customized shoes made on customer specifications.

Italian 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Usa 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 6,5 8,6 8,8

Women's Shoes Length
Size (IT) 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Length (cm) da 22 a 22,5 da 22,5 a 23 da 23 a 23,5 da 23,5 a 24 da 24 a 24,5 da 24,5 a 25,5 da 25 a 25,5 da 25,5 a 26

How to measure length : barefoot on a sheet of paper draw the shape of the foot, then measure the distance between the toe tip and the heel. .

Women's Shoes Width
Size (IT) 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Normal* (cm) 7,5 7,7 7,9 8,1 8,3 8,6 8,7 8,9
Slim* (cm) 7,1 7,3 7,5 7,7 7,9 8,4 8,6 8,8

* Width is taken by measuring the insole in its widest point, internally not externally

Men's Shoes Length
Size (IT) 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
Length* (cm) 26,4 27,3 28 28,7 29,4 30,1 30,8 31,5

* Measure is from the toe to the heel, internally, please stick the meter to the insole while measuring

Men Shoes Width
Size (IT) 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
Length* (cm) 8,5 8,8 9,1 9,4 9,7 10 10,3 10,5

* Is the width of the insole in its widest point, please take it internally

Things to know:

1. Measure of heel is taken at its back
2. 9 cm heel (or 8, or 7) has this actual measure only in size 37 or 38, the height dicreases or increases by about 3 mm. Increasing or descreasing the sizes
3. Heel height is complete by adding also the heel tips and base too, almost 6/7 mm more.
4. 8 cm heel has a slightly different shape from 7 or 9, heel is always a stiletto, but is a little bit wider at its top (corona)

ATTENTION: The measurements are indicative and may vary according to the material used.

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