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Tango shoes - who is Eva Nataraja



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Regina Tango Shoes

Regina Tango is the leading online boutique in the Tango industry, we are the only and the ones to create "new Tango looks" combined with high quality Argentine tango clothes and shoes for women and men.
We are the first to believe in good product, kindness, respect and good service, it is part of us and our "karma".
Our slogan is "Be Happy and Be Amazing" because nothing makes us happier to see you amazing having gorgeous tandas with our Regina outfits.

Regina Tango Shoes is a project spawned from the passion for shoes and the long experience of Eva Nataraja as a stylist in Paris, Spain, Germany, Italy and as an Argentinetango dancer, devotee and organizer of milongas in Rimini, Riccione, Italy, and Buenos Aires.
At first, Eva created
tango shoes for herself and her friends, due to the lack of glamor in those Italian quality porteñe shoes and especially the lack of comfort in tango or traditional dance shoes.

In 2007, Eva decided to specialize in producing handmade shoes, first under the brand Bandolera tango shoes, then became Tangolera and then under the brand Regina Tango Shoes, combining quality, passion, elegance and comfort.

These many aspects allow Regina Tango Shoes customers to have upscale tango shoes in terms of comfort, style and safety while dancing.


Eva Nataraja

Eva Nataraja Stylist 

Graduated, at first, as a Master of Art and, then, studied to become a fashion designer, has worked for 12 years in fashion with top-ranked names such as:


and "Nataraja's BeachWear".
She has designed and produced the
Tango footwear collection Bandolera from 2008 to 2010.


Eva Nataraja, the Dancer

Eva is first exposed to dance at 6 years old with classical dance then with modern, jazz, latin and oriental dance and, finally, the Argentine tango. She went on and delved deeper into the study of this art (world heritage) with maestros such as: 

  • Carlitos Espinoza e Noelia Hurtato
  • Pablo Villaraza e Dana Frigoli
  • Alejandro Larenas e Marisol Morales
  • Chicho Frumboli e Juana Sepulveda
  • Adrian Ferreira, Gabriel Glacovsky
  • Leandro Gomez e Juliy Hurruty
  • Osvaldo Zotto e M.Gisele Avanzi
  • Claudio Forte e Barbara Carpino
  • Josè Halfon e Virginia Cutillo
  • Murat e Michelle
  • Cristina Cortès
  • Gaston Torelli e Noelia Hurtado
  • Mario Consiglieri e Eugenia Parrilla.


She has danced in many milongas, festivals and in various Italian cities, but the constant exploration in the "Dance", the oldest of the arts, will last forever because it is part of her joy of living ... which accompanies her, in parallel to her work as a fashion designer!